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On 01 October 1998, I posted a Poll on my page. The aim was to check popularity of various FM transmitter kits .

The Poll looked like this ----


Vote for the
Best FM Exciter kits !!!

You need not own the kit or have made the kit yourself. I only want to know how you feel about the kits based on personal experience, hearsay, rumours, advertisements, Internet newsgroups, manufacturer's web site...
Ask yourself : What would I like to buy next ? Choose all that apply !!

(You will be allowed to vote only once.
Voting process is totally anonymous.
List in reverse alphabetical order)
01 Oct 1998

Which FM Exciter kits do you like best ?

Wavemach PLL
Veronica 1W PLL
Veronica 1W or 5W VCO
Ramsey FM25 PLL
Panaxis FMX PLL
Mighty's MAX I 4W PLL
Broadcast Warehouse PLL with LCD

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Please tell us why !!!!
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By 06 November '98, we had 596 unique visitors looking at the page below that registered the 123 Votes till that date. As that sounded like an auspicious number of votes, the Poll was closed on 06 Nov. The results looked like this -

Best FM Exciter kit

Which FM Exciter kit do you like best ?
Veronica 1W PLL (34) 28%
B'cast Warehouse PLL with LCD (24) 20%
Panaxis PLL (22) 18%
Veronica 1W or 5W VCO (14) 11%
Mighty's MAX I (11) 9%
Ramsey FM25 (11) 9%
Wavemach PLL (7) 6%

123 Total Votes


It appears from the above voting pattern that --

#1. Veronica are in the lead as they have been around longer and they have good stable products that do the job. So what if their design, using older discretes, leads to a massive PCB flooded with components ?

#2. Broadcast Warehouse, the new kid on the block, seems to be buying mindshare rapidly with technologically advanced products, great web site, active participation on the newsgroup.

#3. For the hobbyist, VCOs are not dead yet. 11% voted for the Veronica VCO designs.

#4. The same number of people are ready to try Mighty Max's new MAX- I (even though there are not too many user reports on the Net re this new design) as ready to buy from well established Ramsey. Looks like the Internet is the new leveler, with the new MAX-I getting as much publicity via the Internet as larger, older, established players like Ramsey.

#5. Ramsey is loosing its hold on the hobby due to imports from UK and other newer players. They need to quickly realign themselves to the new realities - Better designed kits, LCD screens, more power, better specs, cleaner marketing ....

The pressure must on , with the BA1404 going the way of the Dodo.

#6. The Wavemach is another product from a smaller company that is finding international sales via the Internet. Looks like a web site is becoming a pre-requisite for any business.


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